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360 Employees Reflect on Loyalty, Family and Serving Others.

Ashley is in her 4th year of service with 360 and has made contributions far above what has been expected.

It should come as no surprise why 360 leadership speaks so highly of their employees. 360 Quality Care + Transport Services experiences very little turnover compared to other service industry businesses, and that is truly a blessing.

There are reasons for this and Carly Newman, Operations Director at 360, says it's probably just best to ask our employees the reasons they like working with us so much? So that's what she did!

Team 360 is on a mission to highlight what makes them different. We asked their employees to find out what keeps them there. What is that special something, that x-factor, that gets them out of bed in the morning, ready to face the challenges of non-emergency medical transport.

So Ashley, you've been with 360 for roughly 4 years, why did you choose to work for 360?

Ashley - “I love working for 360! The crew we have is great to work with! Everyone is genuine and compassionate towards everyone we encounter. The group of drivers that we have on this team is so fun to work with no matter what the task is.”

What has 360 taught you over your years working with us?

Ashley with 360 Quality Care + Transport Services
Ashley is a favorite among clients and staff.

Ashley - “Working for 360 has really humbled me. I’ve learned how to work with confidence under pressure. I’ve learned so much from the patients and establishing a relationship with them. Their stories and educational value has really inspired me and helped me set goals for my future”.

Why have you stayed for so long?

Ashley - “I don’t want to go anywhere else! 360 has established a culture you can’t find working with other companies. I tell my mom every day I don’t ever want to leave this job.”

What makes you want to go to work every day?

Ashley from 360 Quality Care + Transport Services
Ashley is often requested as a driver for both stretchers and wheelchair transport.

Ashley- “I get to help people who can’t help themselves. I learn something new from the patients every day. This job also inspires me because I get to share last moments of happiness with patients on hospice or sharing some of their last moments with their families”.

How has 360 and/or the patients we transport impacted your life?

Ashley - “Working for 360 has taught me to be more family oriented and to not take life for granted”.

Is there anything else you would like to say about 360?

Ashley- “Meeting Steve and Debbie Newman really changed my life. I was going through a really rough point and Debbie became like a second mom to me. They have never made me feel like a worker, and they have always treated me like family”.

Carly says Ashley has played an integral part in developing other drivers whom 360 has hired. "She embodies the energy and attitude that we want all drivers to have throughout their experience working with us. She has not only taught other drivers, but she has also taught us Newman's a lot about healthcare and how to provide top notch service to each patient that we transport".

Ashley is one of the many faces of 360. She exudes all of the traits 360 looks for in their staff. She is compassionate to not only the patients, but also, the facility and hospital staff that 360 encounters each day. RP


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