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Advocacy Initiatives - 2022

Priority Medical Transport Modules 1-4

Here you will find a collection of advocacy pieces designed to educate how we can improve the system. It's how we identify the most important patients within the Non Emergency Medical Transportation space.  It's also how we help medical providers and their employees, partners, clients, patients and families acknowledge that the most "at-risk" patients within the system also  require the most care.  Last, in order to improve the health outcomes of at -risk patients, we show you why we must provide a service far greater than the average transport, with consistency and quality mirroring the patient care plan.

Module #4.png

This past year provided us with the perfect opportunity to "tool up" our capacity to not only deliver great services but to also develop content to share throughout our network.  We invested significantly in the areas that can potentially have the most impact and improve health outcomes.  We have tested, marketed and refined our operations plan finding a niche in the corner of the industry that sets us apart from our competition.  It's called Priority Medical Transportation. (PMT)

So we are proud to present our first 360 Quality Care and Transport Services Advocacy initiatives.  As a purpose driven business, we feel it's important to extend our thoughts to the community that we serve.  We are constantly in the pursuit of industry best practices remaining active as leaders throughout our affiliations and partnerships.  But mostly it's the hands on, out in the field patient engagement that has shaped who we have become as a company. 

This page is dedicated to clients, partners and affiliates who would like to join us in helping distinguish PMT as a unique standard of performance designed to improve health outcomes within the Non Emergency Medical Transportation industry.  - Stephen Newman, President, 360 Quality Care and Transport Service

Module #1.png

Module #1, Identify - Acknowledge - Provide. According to Stephen Newman and his staff at 360 Quality Care + Transport, these three words are the most important when setting new standards for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT). In the release of his first video module, Newman explains Priority Medical Transport (PMT) as a necessary distinction for healthcare intervention: "a critical class in itself, PMT plays a significant role in improving access to healthcare for those that need it the most".

Screenshot 2022-01-04 203539.png

Module #2, In this next module, Stephen Newman of 360 Quality Care + Transport, shows us how he does it. Newman gives the facts and figures that make a good case for establishing a new standard with cost neutral outcomes, for the use of Quality Medical Transportation.

Module #3.png

Module #3, This next module gets specific on the role that transportation plays in transitioning patients back to their homes following a short stay at the hospital, skilled or rehab facility. Newman explains how the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, along with the trend for value based care has improved patient experiences, population health and reduced costs.

Screenshot 2022-02-15 123710.png

Module #4, Module #4 delivers insight into the reasons why Priority Medical Transportation requires a focus on "quality" versus "volume". Establishing the standards for serving those most at-risk is a very necessary paradigm shift towards realizing sub-optimal outcomes and the costs associated. Resolving to define the specifics within [priority transports] will provide for an elevated and more consistent collective transport industry across provider networks.

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