Services Provided

At 360 Quality Care and Transport Services, we provide specialty transportation services using ADA compliant wheelchair and stretcher accessible mini-vans. From patients using electric/motorized scooters to bariatric wheelchairs, we can cover all your mobility challeneged transportation needs. In addition to our regular business hour transports, we also provide early morning, evening and weekend transportation to families across the St. Louis Metropolitan area, and we work on Holidays so you can create and share more memories with your loved ones.

Dialysis Appointments

Medical Appointments

Rehabilitation Centers

Cancer Treatments 

Therapy Treatments 

Dinners & Restaurants

Private Residences

School Events


360™ Care + Transport  provides a wide range of transportation services.  From Individual transports to family events or medical appointments, to Corporate transports on behalf of our hospital, health care, and facility or long term care community clients, we provide reputable, timely and reliable service to get you to and from your medical appointments, the pharmacy, urgent care, or the hospital safely and on time. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is designed to ensure that participants have access to routine and preventative care, benefit from higher health care outcomes, and mitigate against costly ambulance bills and emergency room services. For those struggling with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, COPD, or asthma, or those whose families are working or live out of town, 360™ Care + Transport is a valuable low-cost alternative resource.