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Booking your ride with 360 is simple!

Our regular office hours are Monday-Friday between 8:00am - 5:30pm and Saturdays 10:00am – 4:00pm.  For calls or booking requests outside of regular business hours, please leave a detailed voice mail message including the date and time of the requested transport and we will call back as soon as possible. 


Please note that although we provide transportation services 24x7x365, transports beginning or ending outside of our regular business hours, and all stretcher and bariatric wheelchair transport requests, are subject to availability so advance bookings are strongly recommended.


360 pricing is based on a flat pick-up fee plus a nominal fee per mile. To receive a price quote, please complete the Price Quote form below or contact our Booking team at 636-735-3860. They will be happy to assist you.

Credentials, Compliance, Accreditation 

A Compliance Engine for Immediate Credentialing Compliance

ProCredEx creates collaborative networks and compliance tools powered by industry-optimized digital credential exchanges.

National Accreditation Program for NEMT Providers

NEMTAC® is a nonprofit healthcare organization dedicated to championing standards and best practices for the provision of non-emergency medical transportation.

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While providing high quality, reliable and timely transportation is an essential component of Priority Medical Transport, equally important is our ability to provide our partners with an important resource tool that allows visibility into the credentials behind our company, our vehicles and our staff.

Since 2021, we’ve been proud of the role we have played partnering with ProCredEx to develop a credentialing exchange for our industry. Some of the goals of the exchange have been to:

  • Create credentialing efficiencies and reduce administrative burdens for our healthcare partners

  • Eliminate redundancies of credentialing tasks

  • Provide real-time compliance checks for participating organizations

  • Facilitate the curation and delivery/receiving of credentials files between partners

  • Facilitate automated audit support

  • Improve access to high-quality, reliable credentials

While the entry barrier to become a traditional Non-Emergency Medical Transport company in Missouri is quite low, the requirements to provide Priority Medical Transport (PMT) are significantly higher, and we believe, should be made fully transparent and available to the partners we serve.

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In June of 2022, several organizations in Tennessee launched a pilot program to test the ability to effectively share NEMT credentials between their partners. Together the group successfully:

  • Piloted a network consisting of a Regulator, Payers, Brokers, and Transportation Providers

  • Contributed credentials that were digitized and are now 100% immutable, traceable, searchable, shareable, and auditable

  • Completed proactive checks and gap analyses

  • Completed the sharing of credential collections for fully coordinated, reconciled, instant access

The outcomes of the pilot were documented in a white paper, which decrease in redundant compliance tasks. Safe, secure, and transparent credentialing. 

That’s another exclusive benefit of the PMT way!

What is Priority Medical Transport (PMT) ?

The pandemic provided 360 Quality Care + Transportation Service the perfect opportunity to "tool up" our capacity to make an impact on one of our regions biggest challenges related to or corner of healthcare delivery.  The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (formerly known as the Institute of Medicine) define access to care as the “timely use of personal health services to achieve the best possible health outcomes.” Many people face barriers that prevent or limit access to needed health care services.  In our work, we see the role transportation plays in the role of access and want to make a difference.

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As a result, we focused on refining our flagship services and strived to deliver a standard of service higher than we thought we could reach.  We would do it with an inspired staff who understands that quality, high touch, reliable transport can and will improve health outcomes for our customers and our community.  


We continued to invest in the areas that we thought would have the most impact.  We bought more vans, vetted and hired more drivers who care.  We empowered them to do what it takes to provide a desirable service based on our collective desire to serve others - we would all learn the benefits, when putting others in front of ourselves.  We began to advocate through our marketing.  We adapted our moto, "We are Purpose Driven" as a reminder to ourselves and to our clients.  As a result we expanded our ability to identify and acknowledge those who needed us the most, seeking to provide our level of service to as many who needed it.    

As a result, we have tested, marketed and refined our place in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT).   We have expanded our operations and found a niche in the corner of the industry that sets us apart .  It's called Priority Medical Transport (PMT) and it represents an important new initiative aimed at improving and enhancing the Access to Care issues that are so prevalent in today’s healthcare system. 

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