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Wheelchair Transports

Types of Transports

Wheelchair Transports

Our 360 transport vans can accommodate wheelchairs of all shapes and sizes including push wheelchairs, transporter chairs, bariatric wheelchairs, electric scooters, power wheelchairs and Broda chairs.

Wheelchair transports comprise more than 80% of our total transports.  Our bedside-to-doctorside service picks-up or drops-off in the comfort of our passenger’s own room and delivers them right to the Doctor’s reception desk, or vice versa.  We can transport in our passenger’s or client facility’s own wheelchair or we can provide a 360 wheelchair, transporter or bariatric chair.  Our vehicles are equipped with a rear-entry 34” ramp which can accommodate up to 750lbs in total weight.  In addition, the flexibility of our low riding, long-cut, comfortable mini-van fleet allows us to secure passengers using a four-point Q-Straint and seat belt system.  And for patients who need assistance in transferring from one chair to another, our drivers are trained to use proper lifting and gait belt techniques so that every transport is completed safe and sound.

Bariatric Clients Welcomed


For patients weighing over 275lbs, 360's Bariatric Wheelchair Service includes all the benefits of our regular wheelchair service plus a custom-built vehicle that has a 48” wide ramp and can support up to 1,000lbs.

Stretcher Transports

Stretcher Transports

At 360 Quality Care and Transport our vans are specially equipped to handle non-emergency stretcher services.  We'll provide a safe, reliable, comfortable and cost-effective way to transport loved ones and/or patients who are unable to sit in a wheelchair. 


Each Stryker Power Pro stretcher transport includes hydraulic lifting capabilities, slide sheets, and a two-person driver and technician crew who specialize in bed to bed transfers.  With health insurance coverage for non-emergency stretcher transports being so limited, families and care facilities can not only save hundreds of dollars per transport over the cost of conventional ambulances, but also ride in a comfortable, smooth riding, private mini-van that won’t scare the neighbors with lights and sirens.  

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Assisted Ambulatory

Assisted Ambulatory Transports

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Our low riding, ADA compliant vehicles make it easy for passengers to walk up the rear-entry ramp to the rear passenger seat or sit in the vehicle’s front row passenger seat. Walkers and rollators are welcome and are easily secured during transports. And 360's ongoing commitment to providing high quality customer service offers the same level of hand-on assistance, attention to detail, friendly conversation, and patient monitoring to those who can walk but are recovering from injury or suffer from memory or other behavioral issues.

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