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Newman family - living out the meaning of "Purpose Driven".

Some say it's in their blood - a willingness to help just a little bit more and with just the right amount of caring and kindness - it's running their business knowing that they did their best, each and every day.


Employees say that the caring and the kindness dispensed by the Newman's is a testimony to who they are - good people doing good things for others.  Purpose driven.


"My family and I feel that taking care of our employees is simply the best way to get them to take care of our clients" says Stephen Newman, President of 360 Quality Care and Transport.  "We don't know of any other way to be".

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The Crossroads of Hospitality and Healthcare.

If you have experienced 360's attention to detail, you'd find that Stephen, Debbie and Carly Newman have an authentic desire to serve others and it resonates throughout the day-to-day business.  It's healthcare, but it's rooted in hospitality.

"To be purpose driven means wanting more out of a job than just the pay - there's the benefit of knowing that you're making a difference in the lives of others." says Debbie Newman.


Carly Newman, Operations Manager, gets asked constantly “Do you enjoy working for the company”? The answer every time is “Yes! I enjoy it Sooo much! I get excited to go into work every day and can honestly say that this is the reason why we perform so far above our competition”.


If she’s driving, she loves listening to the stories of the patients. If she’s in the office, it’s assuring the families of patients that their loved one will be in good hands. “Walking the families through what our services provide is the most uplifting part of my day”.

Technology, human dispatch and the growing industry of healthcare. 

But it’s not only the patients that count on special care, the drivers also receive their schedule based on the needs of our patients. "What comes in each day determines what happens out in the field", says Carly. It is constantly changing and it all has to be on time, every day. “Our technology helps keep us connected to our live dispatch team”. Drivers learn exactly what they need to know when delivering a patient; a stress free and safe arrival. It’s the perfect balance of hospitality and healthcare and it’s what makes sense for both our clients and the comprehensive transport needs of the community.

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A legacy of Caring and Kindness.


Most importantly though, Carly says working for her parents has been the biggest challenge. “They push me harder than I could ever have anticipated. They hold me accountable in ways I sometimes wish they would not. But, I am thankful to have gotten my work ethic from them”.

Debbie and Stephen Newman started 360 Quality Care and Transport right here in St. Louis, MO at what most people consider retirement age. Carly gets a little emotional when talking about her parents and how much of an honor it has been to work alongside such significant role models.

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