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Team 360 and the willingness to serve has "expectant" outcomes.

Our Vicki and Justin aren't often referred to as employees. In fact, it feels funny to refer to any of Team 360 as employees at all, not in the common sense of the word.. There's always a pause when referring to the special people who make things happen day after day at 360 Quality Care + Transport. Service. There is so much more to know.

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines employee as - one employed by another, usually for wages or salary and in a position below the executive level.

If I were to poll any of our 20 or so Team 360 members and ask them if this definition describes them, they would laugh. And just as laughing is an emotion, so is the feeling one get's when knowing someone has their back. That too is an emotion, and one that lies at the center of Stephen, Debbie and Carly Newman's desire to serve others.

It's with willingness to serve others first, without thinking of the transactional nature of running a business that, Stephen, Debbie and Carly Newman affectionately refer to their employees as Team 360.

The Newman's and now [Team 360] have learned that they are always at their best when knowing people genuinely care about them and trust them to do the right thing. By embracing the concern towards one another while encouraging personal growth, something special happens.

"By giving team members the resources and autonomy to help others, clients receive the best experience and enjoy better outcomes, and that is what they deserve the most" says Stephen Newman.

"We feel like family" says Justin. I know the Newman's and Team 360 are there for me should I need it. I've learned what it's like to improve myself along the way and to help others do the same. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?" says Justin.

When Justin says "we" he means Vicki, too. Vicki is also a valued Team 360 member and a constant subject of our Testimonial Tuesday program without fail. Justin and Vicki will soon welcome in to the world a little one!

Bottom line - if it takes a village to raise a child, then 360 Quality Care + Transport Services wants to be the town center! While the company continues to grow at record levels in sales it's also grown in the number of Team members. Since start up a few short years ago Team 360 has added 6 babies and 3 grandbabies.

If the number of babies born is any indication of what's important to Team 360, outcomes for all will surely continue to be positive.


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