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Is the current NEMT model aging out?

360's approach to the old model, NEMT

Let's face it, the current Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) model is considered antiquated by many because of the changes in federal and state Medicaid policies that have negatively impacted NEMT users. These changes have reduced NEMT efficiency, availability, and quality of service, while increasing the local tax burden or trip costs in some communities.

Some states have changed how NEMT is managed to control Medicaid costs, such as transitioning to a brokerage or managed care model. But nothing has really changed to help those who need it the most: the critical, acute and catastrophic cases.

This can result in inefficiencies, higher costs and bleak outcomes. While NEMT is a crucial benefit for Medicaid recipients who have no other means of transportation to access healthcare appointments, the most critical are also the most vulnerable. Despite its importance, the current NEMT model is facing challenges due to policy changes and needs to be updated to better serve its users. 360 Quality Care and Transport Services has the answer!

360 Quality Care + Transport Services is a privately owned small business based in St. Louis, Missouri1. They are the preferred non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provider for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term care communities throughout the St. Louis metro area and surrounding counties.

Our team is monitored and incentivized for performance and safety using a combination of Gyros, camera systems, GPS trackers, and smartphone technology apps that enable them to successfully measure performance and driving habits.

360 Quality Care + Transport continues to define the new standard in NEMT called Priority Medical Transport, PMT. To meet with our team, follow the link below.

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