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360 Publishes Service Comparisons - It's a YES for PMT!

360 Quality Care + Transport Services is a privately owned small business and proud to be a St. Louis Company, #STLmade. They have earned the status - the preferred non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provider for all hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term care communities throughout the St. Louis metro area and surrounding counties.  

NEMT Service Comparisons

Recently 360 published a comparative list of services that demonstrates how their program, Priority Medical Transport (PMT), distinguishes itself from others by helping improve health outcomes while lowering healthcare expenditures.

In addition, 360 takes the lead in credentials, reporting the following that are designed to Mitigate System Liability and Litigation:

  • Nationally Accredited - St. Louis’ only nationally accredited non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) company.  One of only twelve in the Nation.

  • Missouri State Certified: The region’s only Missouri State certified stretcher NEMT company.

  • Nationally Credentialed: The region’s only NEMT company to make its driver, vehicle, and company policies and procedures available on the ProCredEx national credentialing exchange.

  • Accountable: The region’s only NEMT company to provide a $500 Passenger Performance Guarantee.

Accredited, certified and credentialed

To learn more about how 360 Quality Care + Transport Services can help your Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility, visit us at or call us direct at 636-735-3860. See how we have changed the paradigm through Priority Medical Transport (PMT).

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