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What Does Purpose Driven Look Like?

It’s easy to bring attention to the amazing staff at 360 Quality Care and Transport Services. Each and every one of them are critical to the success of the business. It’s not because the business requires it of them, but because they choose to do the right thing, day after day, week after week, month after month. It is empowerment, encouraged from their day of hire, to provide the most hospitable experience possible. There is something that drives them further than that of just having a job for pay. 360 is purpose driven!

We are on a purpose driven mission to improve health care. By improving access to care through high quality, reliable and personable transportation, we are improving health outcomes and lowering overall healthcare expenditures. By advocating for these changes, we are positively impacting the health care system not just in St. Louis, but all across the country. It’s our passion and our mission!"

- Stephen Newman, Owner

Meet Team 360


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