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360 Submits NEMTAC Credentials Seeking Highest Accreditation

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

(St. Louis, MO - August 14, 2023) Credentialing is essential in the healthcare industry and 360 Quality Care + Transport Services feels that they should be no exception. Their new concept, Priority Medical Transport (PMT), was launched in 2021 to exist above the typical Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) service yet affordably below Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Priority is defined as the most vulnerable critical, acute or catastrophic cases.

NEMTAC's accredidation program is designed to protect patient safety by ensuring best practices. Patients will benefit from the experience and skills necessary to perform at the highest level and stand a much better chance at recovery.

Healthcare credentialing is a common yet essential process among healthcare providers. It’s used by insurance payers to evaluate and verify the qualifications of doctors, practitioners, nurses, technicians, and in 360’s case, the Quality of the transportation methods. It involves verifying education, training, licenses, insurance coverage, and any other certifications related to the safe transport of (Priority) patients to the doctor.

By qualifying and being awarded credentialing through NEMTAC, 360's PMT model will help reduce missed appointments that can be caused by incompetent providers. Engaging a credentialed NEMT provider like 360 and their PMT program can lead to better reimbursements from their contracted third-party payers.

Credentialing among providers can expand revenue streams by increasing the number of patients who have access to them. Doing business with a credentialed transport provider with PMT standards stabilizes greater pools of patients, and is integral for successful medical practices.

To find out more visit our new website.

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