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2428 reasons to be thankful over the holidays.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

For some, the holidays are merely a reminder of what has been lost while coming to terms with new challenges in life.

The holidays can be hard on many of us, especially in the rehabilitation and skilled nursing communities where many of 360 Quality Care and Transport Service clients live. For some of them, it seems that the more the years go by, the more likely it is that someone or something is taken away - perhaps it's the loss of a spouse, a change in mobility, a move from a place that they have called home for most of their life.

We at 360 Quality Care and Transport Service try and offset some of the feelings of isolation during the transport time that we have with our clients. Since the holiday season can be a time of reflection, and particularly with the memories of the people and places of the past, we are on the lookout for goodness, doing our part to help keep spirits high.

In 360's space in the healthcare system we listen, then acknowledge and if appropriate engage in what we feel our senior clients might need the most - someone to genuinely see and hear them. The stories are so interesting and always so heartwarming.

"We've noticed a connection between acceptance and happiness, despite overcoming the adversities of day to day living" says Carly Newman, Operations Manager for 360.

Throughout the rest of this holiday season we thought we'd recognize some of our clients who have not only inspired us with their resilience, but have also topped the 800 ride mark. That's right, over 800 rides for each of our subjects. Stephen Newman, owner of 360 explains: "You can get to know somebody pretty well when you transport them each and every week for years. Sometimes it is the highlight of the day, and that goes for both of us"!

This week we'd like to Acknowledge our first subject, Greg, seated next to his Christmas tree holding an ornament given to him in memory of his wife, whom he lost a few short months ago. God Bless you and your wife, Greg.

Greg is a St. Louisan through in through, hailing from South City, a tradesman and a lifelong lover of stock care racing. He tells the story of being caught in a winter storm on the way to a race, in Mississippi, and having to spend the night in a high school auditorium with some of the most interesting people. Back in those days stock care racing was a little different. And he's pretty sure that it probably hasn't snowed in Mississippi since he and his team had to turn back and go home having spent the night with new friends while being snowed out in the south. Merry Christmas Greg and happy holidays to all of our friends at Manor Grove of Kirkwood!


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