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What happens when transportation "drives" positive outcomes?

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

We get a kick in our step knowing that someone that we've touched is on the mend. Or better yet, when they've experienced a positive outcome greater than anticipated. When it happens we celebrate our care partners and others involved in the success. We know our contribution is just a part of a comprehensive system.

That's why it's also important that we understand the challenges our clients experience when navigating their healthcare. Whether our clients are recovering from a surgery, a fall, or an illness that goes on forever, we understand just how easy it can be to be frustrated. We understand that human beings can lose sight of the positives in times of challenge. That's why we try so hard to help our clients feel comfortable along the way to their appointments - projecting positivity and bestowing that which is uniquely present in our company culture.

Sometimes we discover an outcome that is so awesome that we want to share it. One such is that of our friend Randall. It's a story of how the comprehensive care system worked. This is one story that continues to inspire.


Randall needed surgery to correct his vision. He had trouble seeing and it was

Upon receiving his glasses and months after surgery, Randall can shop at the hardware store.

increasingly becoming a challenge for him to function. As life sometimes has it, tough times contributed to him falling short when attempting to meet his basic needs. It was becoming harder to pay his bills and organize his affairs. He eventually lost his housing, his transportation and most of his confidence. Also, because of his vision, his ability to communicate in today's world of technology fell short.

His eyesight continued to fall further down his list of priorities as his personal situation deteriorated. The challenges of Randall meeting his living expenses while living in a motel room far outweighed any strategy for better health.

Until transportation entered the picture...

There were many organizations who helped re-shape Randall's trajectory for a positive outcome. All of the pieces of the puzzle were there. He just needed a push to lead him to a path that would help him face his challenges and take advantage of what was there.. It was a cross section of care partners: case managers, social services organizations, healthcare providers, healthcare foundations, a church pastor and...Team 360.

Randall and his optician celebrating his new glasses

The biggest hurdle keeping him from getting on the path to better vision was the fact that he was limited in his ability to get to-and-from appointments.

When meeting Randal (and transporting him to his first appointment) it was apparent that he needed the ear of someone he could trust to give him a nudge. Structure was key - making a call ahead of time, making sure he was ready and prepared to go when his appointment was set..

As time went by he made it to all of his additional appointments and follow-ups - the most important factor in maximizing his outcome of vision improvement.

Our quest to help Randall (and give a little nudge) accompanied a new confidence in his capacity to sort things out. It was the spark that he needed to do what was needed to improve his situation. Randall spent his time wisely leading up to his surgery and recovery - seeking out and engaging all of the resources available to him. As a result he has new housing and is thriving. His affairs are intact with a much improved quality of life and path to fulfillment. We are grateful to have been a small part in his story and blessed to call him friend. -T360

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