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The 360 X-Factor: of benefit to employees, patients and medical providers

Some say it's in our blood, a willingness to help a little bit more and with just the right amount of caring and kindness. Others say it's who we hire and how we extract the best out of each of our employees. Perhaps it's recruiting "purpose driven" service workers who want more out of a job than just the pay - those who see the benefit to themselves, when helping others?

360 cultivates the X-Factor! "We'd like to think that 360 operates at the crossroads of healthcare and hospitality" says Stephen Newman, owner of 360 Quality Care and Transport. "By performing impeccably in the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) space, we are making a huge difference for our employees, clients and patients". Newman and his his team of high performers at 360 Quality Care and Transport have been doing this since start-up nearly 5 years ago, answering the call and making NEMT the top of the list when seeking improved patient outcomes.

"We are constantly evaluating the data and adjusting to the idea that, when done correctly, the ordinary commodity of transportation with a focus on hospitality, can drive extraordinary patient outcomes"

But Newman doesn't stop there - "What's equally as important is the extraordinary financial outcomes for the medical provider community - the ACO's, the hospitals, the rehabilitation facilities and the skilled nursing facilities. Everyone benefits when patients get up and out to appointments, staying out of the hospital and eventually returning home or to where they live". Team 360 continues to emerge as an important solution provider for the desired patient and financial outcomes. Join 360 as an employee, client or patient. You too can experience the X-Factor! Contracting with 360

  • Allows for higher hospital throughput.

  • Reduces re-admittance back to the hospitals.

  • Drives new admittance as a result of our relationships with ACO’s.

  • Improves patient outcomes for longer stays in Skilled Nursing.

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