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Operation TRIAGE - helps veteran attend wife's funeral a J.B. National Cemetery

Funerals are never easy but sometimes there are outcomes far beyond what is normally expected. That's what Carly Newman, Operations Manager at 360 Care and Transport, thought when she got the call. She knew she wanted to help organize a special day for a really special person and family. In what wouldn't have normally been an option, Garret Ryan, Executive Director of Cottleville Firefighters Outreach had a plan to help George "Butch" Egemann attend the funeral of his wife, Edith.

It was with the help of three organizations, Cottleville Firefighters Outreach and the Greater St. Louis Fire Chiefs Association that made it possible - and by reaching out to 360 Quality Care + Transport for transport, it all came together. They would plan a trip to the VA where Butch lives, then on to the graveside memorial at Jefferson Barracks and then on to lunch. Everyone wore purple, his wife's favorite color from the iris in their yard through the many years.

Operation TRIAGE' mission is to provide emergency financial relief, mortgage free homes, and home remodeling to disabled veterans, first responders, and active duty service members in an effort to get their lives back on track and become productive members of their communities. Garret made it happen by requesting their help and Butch was able to join the rest of the family for the funeral in what turned out to be a heartwarming celebration of of their lives.

Team 360 would like to take the opportunity to salute our first responders. And, we stand with the flag of the United States of America to honor our veterans, many who have made the ultimate sacrifice. It's organizations like these who help make our world a better place, and for Butch the opportunity to celebrate the life of his wife with the entire family.

Huge thanks to Garret Ryan, Executive Director of Cottleville Firefighters Outreach.


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