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New accreditation stamp means commitment to other industry providers

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

It's with great pride that we display our highest achievement since starting up back in 2016. This new NEMTAC® logo represents 360's overall commitment to helping change the paradigm of how transportation is considered in today's comprehensive healthcare deliverable.

By having completed the accreditation process, we recognize the importance of advocating for the most important segment of NEMT - the most vulnerable, acute, chronic and catastrophic patients.

It's advocacy built in to our every day delivery of services. It's how we help medical providers and their employees, partners, clients, patients and families understand that the most "at-risk" patients within the system are also the ones that require the most care. And that, in order to improve the health outcomes for these at-risk patients, we must provide a service far greater than the average with consistency and quality mirroring the patient care plan.

Our daily operations, human resources and marketing departments must all have a thread of "we can always improve". Because "being" at the forefront, one of only 12 accredited NEMT businesses in the nation, we have taken on a higher level of responsibility. We now stand with our piers, together committed to helping each other and other NEMT businesses who seek to start the credentialing journey.

By helping raise the bar, we are helping build better access to care, and the health outcomes that we all need and expect from today's healthcare deliverable.


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