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Mission 2022 - Improve Access to Healthcare

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

"We have discovered our truth - we've found that we perform at our best when others need us the most" - Stephen Newman

The beginning of the new year is usually a time for optimism and excitement. However, for a healthcare system that's fatigued and weathered by ever-sweeping variants of COVID-19, it has become difficult. Especially when focused on the delivery of new, innovative products with the potential to improve access to healthcare. That's what Stephen Newman's Team 360 set out to do in 2021.

As Team 360 enters 2022, healthcare professionals of all disciplines are concerned about retaining healthcare industry workers throughout the system. Unfortunately, this consists of a depleted, exhausted and often demoralized labor pool that is best described as day-to-day.

Yet despite the peaks and valleys of the pandemic, quality care organizations had already made it a priority to continue to meet the demands regardless of the challenges. Not surprisingly, enormous pressure currently exists upon staffing agencies and auxiliary service providers essential to our current healthcare models. This is a universal issue for patients, providers, advocates and all healthcare organizations.

"Bravo to our partners who join Team 360 in recognizing how important workforce development is throughout our healthcare community".

Data is ubiquitous. Though data can also lack accessibility, especially for anyone in the industry seeking to improve outcomes. Team 360 is continuously improving, learning about the present opportunities and expanding outreach to build on new perceptions. It is critical that we all remain open to new paradigms, expanding innovations, and embracing more efficient solutions as things change.

"If we continue to collect information and collaborate with others on our analyses, we can make progress".

Throughout 2021, when business cycles continued to be disrupted, there were

difficulties in the planning, implementation and execution phases. Team 360 held their ground and delivered at a level of performance higher than expected. While the politicization of our healthcare system continued to bubble, it was the concern for the future of those in need, individually and collectively that fueled Team 360's approach to their business. Despite the challenges of 2021, the clients they serve remain the number one priority, and that means being at their best, always.

"We have discovered our truth" says Stephen Newman, "We've found that we perform at our best when others need us the most".

Team 360 will continue charging forward to make an even greater impact in their growing niche, Non Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT). By uprooting opportunities and providing solutions for their clients, 360 aims to leverage their achievements to help other providers learn how to help others gain access to healthcare. In December of 2021 360 rolled out their new initiative, Priority Transport Service (PMT).

360 Quality Care an Transport Service has created the tools and the strategies designed to identify, acknowledge and provide for today's challenges and to help build a brighter future for their employees and those we serve. You will find links to modules below if you'd like to learn more.

For Team 360, 2021 was a year with renewed attention to the Social Determinants of Health, and with carefully deployed programs that fill in the gaps for their partners. This is simply what this company does, day after day, year after year. It's their Truth. Happy New Year!

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