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Long-Standing clients brings forth remembrance over Thanksgiving Weekend

Most days we receive at least one or two messages from the patients and families we serve telling us how wonderfully caring and compassionate our drivers and our service have been. Other days, they call us to tell us how much we’ve impacted their lives by giving them a level independence and a quality of life they didn’t previously have. And yet other days, they tell us how we’ve given them faith and hope that their diagnosis can be cured, simply by getting them to their medical appointments in timely and reliable fashion.

These are the daily rewards that we receive for providing a best-in-class transportation service for those struggling with chronic and acute medical conditions. It is very rewarding and truly inspiring!

Nora and Carly

Sadly, as we all know, none of us are immortal, and today our 360 Care Team received the very sad news that not one, but two of our long-standing patients had passed away peacefully over the Thanksgiving Day weekend. We had the honor of transporting both Nora and Royce for a number of years.

Royce (Photo Credit St. Louis Post Dispatch)

Please know that we will miss you both terribly, but we also know you are in a better place. As your families both so kindly let us know when they called us yesterday, all of us at Team 360 are so glad we were able to make just a little difference in their lives during the few years we got to know them. Nora and Royce – you will be missed but never forgotten.

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