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360's Value and Quality Based Transport Program Defines "Priority"

"The nursing homes and the patients, the residents and their family members - all of our clients who choose to use us time and time again... they love us just as much as we love what we do". - Stephen Newman

Less is more when in comes to creating better health outcomes and leveraging transportation in its optimal form. The number of daily transports industry wide is vast. Establishing the standards for serving those most at-risk is a very necessary paradigm shift towards realizing sub-optimal outcomes and the costs associated. Resolving to define the specifics within [priority transports] will provide for an elevated and more consistent collective transport industry across provider networks.

Stephen Newman continues to revolutionize how transportation has the potential to change everything, if just looked at differently. Join him in another module where he shares a little bit more about the tools 360 uses to better quantify and qualify Priority Medical Transportation.


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