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360 Care + Transport’s Passenger Performance Guarantee

Guarantees that no 360 passenger or patient will miss their medical appointment as a result of 360’s operation, planning, or performance. In the event a patient/passenger does miss an appointment through any fault* of 360’s, patient/passenger will receive future transportation credit for the pre-paid value of the delayed round-trip transport, up to a maximum of $500. 


* For the purposes of this guarantee, 360 is not responsible for delays incurred beyond its control either enroute to the pick-up location or the drop off location. Examples of delays beyond our control may include, but are not limited to, traffic delays, bad weather, construction, parking, registration delays at the facility’s reception desk, delays or changes to the attending doctor’s schedule, or facility equipment breakdowns. Incorrect pick-up location information or appointment information given at the time of booking, including but not limited to, appointment time, suite number, doctor’s name, address, is also not covered by our guarantee.


This guarantee applies to pre-booked, pre-paid Private Family Paid transports only. It does not include on-demand or same day transports such as hospital or facility discharges, and it does not include facility paid, invoiced, or transportation broker or other payor authorized transports. 


Claims must be filed within two (2) business days of the corresponding transport.  To file a claim, please contact 360 Care + Transport within 48 hours. We will acknowledge and respond during our regular office business hours.  This guarantee is in addition to all statutory rights you retain as a consumer.

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