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360 Explains Priority Medical Transport (PMT) in Quick Six Quiz!

Updated: May 18, 2023

360 Quality Care +Transport Services is transforming the way our Care Partners think about Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT). Our new Outsource Program is the first complete option of its kind, designed for clients who want to improve health outcomes and overall financial performance!

Think about your Health Care Facilities -

Medical Offices - Skilled Nursing Facilities - Rehabilitation Facilities - Therapy Centers. All of these need a transportation plan to deliver the services that you want to be known. Embarking on a plan requires a lot of thought, the right people and the assurance that your investment and liability coverage are completely understood.

360 has made it possible to achieve Transportation Cost neutrality by leveraging our own proprietary Programs, Priority Medical Transport (PMT) and Transition 2 Home. These two programs deliver results and is something that many of our partners never thought possible.

Click on the image to take a fun quiz that can help you decide if a partnership with 360 is right for you. Meanwhile, continue to call us for all of your Non-Emergency Medical transport needs.

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