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SSM's Health Foundation; Behavioral Health is a Priority for Giving

SSM Health
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At 360 Care + Transport, we often talk about the important role that transport plays in improving Access To Care, and access to care in turn, improves health outcomes and lowers overall health care system costs. When we think about healthcare, we often think about chronic conditions and trips to the Emergency Department, but it’s important to realize

SSM Health
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that our local hospital systems have also witnessed dramatic growth in the treatment of mental and behavioral health care cases, that have almost paralleled the equivalent growth of social media over the last twenty plus years, and even more so in just the past four years. Though mental health care, much like chronic care, has touched almost every member of our population, it is seldom discussed openly and forward thinking solutions are often pushed to the back burner.

"If you would consider joining me and 360 Care + Transport in our commitment to improve and lead the local community in the delivery of a state-of-the-art Behavioral Care treatment center, please consider also making your own pledge to the SSM Health Foundation’s Behavioral Health Program. Together we can make a huge difference in improving Behavioral Health for everyone throughout the St. Louis metro area." - Steve Newman   
Steve Newman
Steve Newman, Owner, 360 Quality Care + Transport Services

360 is proud of our role in advocating for improved health care outcomes on both the chronic and behavioral side.  When thinking about giving, as a Member of the SSM Health Foundation, I am especially proud to pledge financially to the Foundation’s commitment to improve Behavioral Care in St. Louis by building the region’s first Behavioral Health Urgent Care Center on the campus of St. Louis University Hospital. Already, SSM Health is the leading provider of Behavioral Health Care in St. Louis, with over 100 beds allocated to its patients. 


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