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Priority and Partnerships at the center of best-in-class Transition 2 Home program

360 Quality Care + Transport is at it again, partnering with healthcare providers like Martha's Hands Home Care Services and Private Home Care. Transition 2 Home helps expedite a full recovery with best-in-class providers. Our plans insure that your loved ones receive concierge-level service throughout the recovery experience - and it all starts with 360's Priority Medical Transport.

Priority Medical Transportation (PMT) is a focus on "quality" versus "volume". In 2021, 360 defined the specifics of priority transports and now provides an elevated and more consistent transport deliverable to clients, partners and healthcare providers. It all about providing better access to care, and improved health outcomes.

Transition 2 Home is an inclusive suite of hospital and skilled nursing discharge services designed and recommended by healthcare professionals and healthcare Companies to establish a suite of best practices that incentivize and encourage a successful rehabilitation and recovery at home.

To find out more, visit our MultiService page.


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