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Maegan - 360 Employees Reflect on Loyalty, Family and Serving Others.

This months employee highlight is Maegan, one of our most respected and longest tenured employees. Maegan fills the role of Scheduler and Dispatch Team Leader. Team 360 is on a mission to highlight what makes them different. We are asking 360 employees, to find out what keeps them at 360. What is that special something that gets them out of bed in the morning, ready to face the challenges of non-emergency medical transport. Here is what Maegan had to say.

Why did you choose to work for 360?


My initial draw was working for my previous boss again, Steve!  I had previously had the privilege of working with Steve at a former job and when he approached me with the opportunity again, I didn't hesitate!  Steve is the best!  He is so kind, fair, honest, and everything you could dream of in a boss!  He is just the best person and is so very smart and hard working.

What has working for 360 taught you over the years? 

Working at 360 has taught me to have a lot of compassion for those with limited resources or less access to health care.  It's so simple - but by just simply helping them have access to safe, timely, and reliable transportation can make a huge difference in someone's life.

Why have you stayed and not gone somewhere else? 

I love my job!  I love getting to hear stories from the drivers of why they love driving our customers and vice versa!  It's so cool hearing the customers call in complementing our drivers and how great of a ride they had and how a driver of ours brightened their day on the way to an appointment.  I love hearing messages from people expressing how grateful they are that we got them to their appointment on time for the first time. I love hearing stories from our new clients of how thrilled they are that they got home safely after a scary hospital stay. I also absolutely love my co-workers!  They are all the most caring, generous, and fun individuals that make coming to work each day such a pleasure!


What makes you want to go to work every day? 

Well, kind of the same answers as the last question!  But I love hearing the testimonials from our clients and how much we are helping make a difference in people's lives and helping get them the healthcare they desperately need.  It's something that most people do not realize is lacking so badly.  

How has 360 impacted your life? 

It's been a very rewarding experience to get to help people and hear stories of how we have been helping people.  I love Steve's ideas for the future and how he wants to completely transform the NEMT healthcare industry.  He has such huge hopes to change so many people's lives.  It is so amazing to see it all come together over the last 6 years and see how much we have grown as a company.  When I started, we had two dispatchers (one working at a time), around 20 rides a day and maybe 20 phone calls a day.  Then we added additional dispatchers, slowly over the years to where we are now at 5....over 120 rides a day....over 100 phone calls a day...37 vans....thousands upon thousands of emails....25+ drivers!  It is remarkable how far the company has come.  I remember when Steve told me about this idea when I was still working at my old job.  So, I have truly seen it grow from an idea on paper to what it is today, and it is all because of the brilliance of Steve (and Debbie and Carly).

Is there anything you would like to say about 360 and or Steve and Debbie Newman?


I could never say enough good things about Steve and Debbie.  They are honestly two of the most amazing human beings I have ever known.  They are the sweetest and most generous, kind, loving, fun, funny, wonderful people there are. I don't think you can get any better than the Newman's. They are the best people ever to work for because they treat their employees like family and love everyone dearly.  I have heard so many stories about Debbie buying people breakfast on the way to dialysis in the morning because she was worried that they wouldn't get to eat all day.  I'm sure she does things like that all the time for people she transports.  They both have hearts of gold, and I am so so so honored and lucky to get to call them my friends and coworkers and bosses. 

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