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Priority Medical Transport for the Mobility Challenged

Stephen Newman and his team of drivers, dispatchers, fleet managers and growth advisors are on a "roll". The young company continues to make progress while achieving the highest marks in quality AND commitment towards helping the entire industry improve. Newman says a lot of his time is spent advocating for change in what he believes is an Access To Care issue. He has introduced Priority Medical Transport (PMT) as an innovative program to improve the way in which health care payors and providers should view transporting the most acute, chronic, and at-risk members of the population.

"The concept of "PMT" needs to be distinguished within the Non Emergency Medical Transport industry (NEMT) as it navigates service expectations and delivery standards from a traditional volume based approach to a newer, high quality, reliable, timely, personable, and value based operating philosophy - which is ideally suited for those most in need.” - Stephen Newman

Additionally, Newman believes that, in creating a paradigm shift from traditional transportation methods to new creative, quality-based programs like PMT, the industry’s providers and payors can draw a line between chronic/acute cases and less vulnerable patients.

"By focusing PMT on the most at risk patients, we’ve been able to mitigate missed, delayed or cancelled appointments by providing a first-class, timely and personable transport service that delivers patients from the comfort of their own room to the reception desk at the medical appointment and back again", says Newman. "A high quality, reliable service not only stimulates improved health outcomes but also lowers the overall cost of health care”.

In Newman's latest initiative, 360 recently updated their website to include advocacy pages highlighting four training modules called Priority Medical Transport; the critical role of transportation in health outcomes. His entire team is now up to speed, as well as dozens of other organizations who've jumped on board - subscribing to 360's PMT program.

Why does it matter? The Missouri Foundation for Health says the inability to access adequate care has profoundly negative consequences on the health and well-being of our state’s most vulnerable groups.

State-of-the-art health care resources don’t mean much if only some of our communities have access to them. Whether it’s through a lack of affordability, availability, or any of the other “Five A’s of Access,” too many Missourians are struggling to receive the services they need to live healthy lives - Missouri Foundation for Health

360 agrees and vows to continue making a difference by advocating for better access to care, leading by example in NEMT industry and continuing to innovate new programs. Their work distinguishing PMT as a means enhance the quality of service that delivers the results expected across the board is helping people and achieving better health outcomes. "After all" says Newman - "we're purpose driven".


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