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360's Newman reflects on challenges, commits to raising the bar.

Stephen Newman, Owner, 360 Quality Care and Transport Services

We completed perhaps the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced as a company! Back in November 2021, when we were first approached to manage the transportation needs for the St. Louis 2022 World Para Powerlifting Parapan American Open

Championships, over 300 para-athletes, team leaders and supporters would descend upon our town in the first event of its kind in the United states. I wondered how and if we could do it.

It was before inflation took its grip on the world, though we were already amid supply chain issues that were making it extremely difficult to acquire new vehicles to keep up with our own growth. 360 Quality Care and Transport Services has become an essential piece of the puzzle for health outcomes throughout our region.

Collaborative formed to execute transport plan for over 3000 transport legs

At that time, we didn’t know just how much labor shortages would impact the service industry and we weren’t thinking about gas prices almost tripling and other inflation costs rising at unprecedented rates. But here we are now, having somehow added several more vans to our fleet, and having hired several additional personable, friendly, and reliable drivers to our team while somehow keeping the culture of our Team 360 together throughout what has been another very challenging year.

Upon arrival, athletes and supporters came from over 30 countries

And while we were doing that, we developed an amazing partnership with one of the most prestigious senior living communities in the area, Friendship Village - Chesterfield, to build a collaboration that allowed us to manage and execute this amazing event that at no time, required a participant to wait more than a handful of minutes for their next transport. As we all know, friendships and partnerships provide a lifeline, and they are critical components in improving lifestyles for the people that both 360 and Friendship Village typically serve. We proved this by partnering up and getting the outcome Logan University desired.

At 360 Care + Transport, we don’t just think of ourselves as a traditional transportation provider. We think of ourselves as a critical component of the nation’s health care system providing Access to Care that improves overall health outcomes while lowering medical expenditures for all. We are creative in our approach to providing a win-win solution that is built upon high quality customer service, timeliness, and unprecedented reliability.
Friendship Village - Chesterfield played a key roll with the use of their busses and employees

So, while I’m elated that we achieved and accomplished our short-term objective to manage the transportation requirements for St. Louis 2022 World Para Powerlifting Parapan American Open Championships in a manner and style never before experienced, in truth it now re-sets the bar and gives us confidence to achieve our bigger picture, ongoing long-term goal of improving Access To Care for those most in need and those most at risk. I’m elated that we’ve flawlessly accomplished our goal to make the St. Louis area proud throughout this event, but in truth, our real work still has a long way to go. Together, through partnerships, teamwork, commitments, and an undying drive to overcome adversity, just like the athletes we watched this week, we are intent on winning our own Access to Care gold medal, and with a team like all of you, I have no doubts that we’ll also pull that off too!


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