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Stephen Newman - Industry Paper.

Some might consider Stephen Newman as being a little "out of his lane" when making

a case for better health outcomes by advocating for higher performance amongst his peers. Why would he do it?

How can a small start-up business in St. Louis, MO, gain a reputation for finding the simplest solution to some of the toughest challenges in healthcare?

Newman discusses the Social Determinants of Health and the interventions necessary to increase access to health care professionals and improve outcomes. He also talks about his people. At 360 the day starts out with each and every employee recognizing that they have an enormous responsibility to help shape [healthcare] perceptions of the benefits of a quality transport service. "It's all in the mix of the bigger healthcare picture". says Newman. He does this by performing at the highest level of accountability possible.

Newman says that rising through the ranks as a high-performing Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) provider didn't happen by accident. "There were many things to consider especially when weighing in on the data". Newman says the choice to become a higher performer was an investment and a decision to be part of of a collective community healthcare solution. In the paper, Newman will outline that factors that helped him shape the trajectory of his business.

"Our people make it happen. Our diversity and willingness to "see" our clients as human beings who desire more than just the commodity of transport" says Newman. "This is a big deal to Team 360"!

We think we might have some of the answers you are looking for and would like to share them with you. Hence the industry paper: The surprising role that transport plays in reducing health care costs. Look for it. If you haven't signed up for your subscription, please do now below.


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