What our facility clients say about us:

I have truly enjoyed working with you and your exceptional company. For the past 20 years I have been waiting for someone to get it right with medical transportation.  You have accomplished that and are the best transportation company in the area.  All of you guys are exceptional at what you do.  Thanks for all you do for my  team, my residents and my patients.

Mike E.

Brooking Park Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

We recently used your company for a couple of our patients. I wanted to say thank you to you and your staff. I called to make a reservation, myself, last week. It was the first time I personally have interacted with your team by phone. The dispatcher/receptionist was polite and professional, took the information, and recognized that our patient was discharging from an outpatient procedure area. It was unexpected that she needed the ride. Your employee understood the urgency of needing to get the patient home asap. I try to do follow up calls with our patients or their family, the day after transports, and if they go to a nursing home or other senior living facility, I try and follow up with them too. The past two people couldn’t say enough about the drivers, the clean vehicles that made them feel safe, and how wonderful that someone ensured they got safely into their home. We have used other services, but none have met such great service for my team and our patients. While they were not horrible by any means, I know we would not have had a ride in less than an hour with other companies we have used. Your dispatcher said 30 minutes to an hour. I don’t have the exact time, but I believe a driver was here before 30 minutes. Thank you and your team for all their hard work.

Bill F.

St. Luke's Hospital, Des Peres

You are a great partner for us to have!

Glenda K.

McKnight Place Extended Care

You all have been such great & amazing people to work with, I feel blessed for the opportunity!

Chelsea W.

St. Andrew's at Francis Place - Skilled Care & Rehabilitation  

I just wanted to thank-you for all the assistance you have provided for us during this interim without a full time driver. I can't begin to tell you all the compliments that I have received about your drivers and I would be afraid to leave someone off the list so I won't even try to give names. Your office staff - always polite and friendly - a true pleasure to work with.


Julia H.

St. Luke's Surrey Place Skilled Care & Rehabilitation

360 provides special transportation for people who use wheel chairs. As a nurse, I work with this company closely. Office staff is professional and easy to work with. If transportation times need to be adjusted, they are always flexible and helpful. Attendants are just as kind and professional. Talking to our residents, they all speak highly of transportation services that this company provides. I would give them six stars if I could!


Manor Grove Skilled Nursing Facility, Kirkwood MO

I know you and your team always have my back, and it’s so refreshing to have a company I know I can depend on to keep me in the loop and take excellent care of my patients.

Elaine M

Workers Compensation Transportation and Translation Company