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360 Quality Care + Transport Services Safety Driver Award Program (SDAP)

$250 each month in Performance Rewards!

It’s easy to bring attention to our amazing staff.  Each and every one of you are critical to the success of our business.  It’s not because the business requires it of you, but because you choose to do the right thing, day after day, week after week, month after month.  There is something that drives you further than that of just having a job for pay.  We at 360 are all purpose driven!

That said, there are those among us who excel in ways that we can all aspire, and it’s important that we recognize them for their excellence demonstrated in passenger safety, customer acknowledgement and contributions towards the sustainability our business. 

The SDAP rewards the month’s outstanding performers in three critical categories of our business:  Driver and Passenger Safety, Customer Service, and Revenue.  One (or more) winners will be recognized and rewarded in each category as follows:

Driver and Passenger Safety: Driver performance is monitored, scored, and ranked through the GPS and camera systems in each vehicle with particular focus placed on distracted driving, speeding, sudden acceleration, hard braking, and hard core braking. A $100 gift certificate will be awarded to the driver with the highest monthly score (or split evenly between multiple winners). 

Outstanding Customer Service:   A $100 gift certificate will be awarded to the driver/dispatcher with the most testimonials each month (or split evenly between multiple winners). Testimonials called in will be awarded 5 points each, and written (text, email or chat) testimonials will be awarded 10 points.

Revenue = Profit = Growth:   A $50 gift certificate will be awarded to the driver who generates the highest average revenue per transport leg completed each month. Drivers must complete at least 40 legs per month to be eligible.  Again, the reward will be divided evenly in the event of a tie. 


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