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Regional and Long-Distance Transportation

Regional/Long Distance

For regional or long-distance non-emergency medical transportation, few companies will travel outside the metropolitan St. Louis area.  However, 360 Care + Transport routinely covers a radius of 150 miles around St. Louis and frequently provides transports throughout Central Illinois, Central and South Eastern Missouri, North Eastern Missouri and other regional and out-of-state transports.  With advance notice, we have also provided relocation or specialty transport services to Florida, the North East coast, North Carolina, Chicago, Kansas City, Lake of The Ozarks, Denver, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Omaha, Lincoln, Springfield, Nashville and Memphis.


Call us today for your specific regional or long distance relocation or vacation needs.  

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Establishing relationships and utilizing available local resources is a big part of 360 Care + Transport's quality service. We'd like to send a huge thank you to Med X Change of St. Charles for renting us their oversized, baffled seat cushion, reclining wheelchair which made Kathy A's transport to Nebraska safe and so comfortable!

"Moving to Nebraska during a pandemic isn't easy, but with 360 Care + Transport and the help of the rental wheelchair which was sooooo comfortable, we were able to do it at an affordable cost. I wish 360 could move with us! We've been using 360's transport for years now and each and every driver we've had has been compassionate as well as considered a friend to my wife and I."

Ron A. 

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