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Thanksgiving brings thoughts of hospitality, family...and stuffing

Since today just happens to be #nationalstuffingday, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we thought we would reflect a bit on who we are as a business and what is important to us. Nothing reminds us of who's important more than Thanksgiving Dinner and that good ole homemade stuffing.

We are service folks - a composite of hospitality, healthcare and purpose driven people who want to help others live the best lives they can live. Our business exists to transport those who need a little help. We seek to help normalize the lives of those less fortunate, or who have entered what we call the "healthcare need years" - those challenging times requiring understanding, compassion, lots of care and the help from others with purpose.

This week our purpose is also to celebrate people - our clients and their families and the caregivers that we see each and every day. Those whom we transport to doctors appointments, rehabilitation centers and skilled nursing facilities. We think of all of you as an extension of our own family. Team 360 would like to extend every one of our partners, clients, patients and care providers, a very happy Thanksgiving. God bless you all!

Oh yeah, about the stuffing. Below please find a recipe from one of our drivers. We hope you love it and continue to check back with us. Happy Thanksgiving!

360 Stuffing
Download PDF • 426KB

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