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National Conference to highlight Stephen Newman's Priority Medical Transport Concept

360 Quality Care + Transport is a privately owned small business and the preferred non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provider for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term care communities throughout the St. Louis metro area and surrounding counties.

In recent years, the growing company has refined their operations plan finding a niche in the corner of the industry that sets them apart from their competition. Stephen Newman, Owner, calls it Priority Medical Transportation. (PMT)

In a PMT model, one doesn't look at transport simply as a means of getting as many patients from Point A to Point B as possible - not a volume based model. Instead PMT is considered an essential partnership tool to assist designated health care partners in improving their outcomes while lowering overall health care expenditures - a quality based model.

"The concept of "PMT" needs to be distinguished within the Non Emergency Medical Transport industry (NEMT) as it navigates service expectations and delivery standards from a traditional volume based approach to a newer, high quality, reliable, timely, personable, and value based operating philosophy - which is ideally suited for those most in need.” - Stephen Newman

Newman believes that PMT should target a specific sub-set of the overall marketplace – the most Chronic, Acute, and Catastrophic cases – in other words, PMT should provide transports for THE most at risk and THE most in need! It should be authorized by medical professionals and approved by insurance underwriters and ordered using a new “Priority Medical Transport” CPT code. And it MUST be reliable, timely, and personable … and cost effective!

Stephen Newman will present much more on this important topic at the 2022 Nemtac National Conference, Transform 2022, Educate, Engage, Evolve - held September 11th - 13th in New Orleans.

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