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360 Quality Care + Transport Services sets 2024 priorities. Care, Kindness and Credentials.

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

patient and provider
Carly Newman exhibiting Care

360 Quality Care + Transport is a privately owned small business based in St. Louis MO. The seven year old company is often affectionally referred to as the preferred non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provider for all of the hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term care communities throughout the St. Louis metro area and surrounding counties.

The reasons are many, but what stands out the most is how the company takes pride in who they hire and whether or not they have a genuine desire to help people.

"We are at the crossroads of Hospitality and Healthcare" says Stephen Newman. "It seems like over half of our drivers have a hospitality background, have cared for a loved one previously, or have worked professionally in the healthcare industry".

Kindness 360
One of our kindest, Tee

But there seems to be a little more to the story. "Stephen and his wife Debbie are the best curators of what I call the 360 X-Factor, and it's prevalent amongst all of their employees" says Ralph Pfremmer, Director of Marketing for 360. "It's really quite remarkable how it happens - a hand picked process that starts with Stephen vetting whether a candidate has the capacity to deliver on two things, attentive care and authentic kindness".

Then it's a matter of making sure the prospect (driver) has the capacity to meet the safety and training standards set forth by the company's newly acquired NEMTAC accreditation.

credentials accreditation
Stephen Newman displaying Accreditation

"Just last month 360 received the highest accreditation achievable in the industry, becoming one of only 12 Non-Emergency Medical Transport Businesses in the Country. Not many people can identify how big of an accomplishment this is for St. Louis to have such a highly performing company, but it really is a big deal", says Pfremmer.

As a result of the vetting process, and if the driver is hired, the training begins. That's when they experience, first hand, 360's Culture of Excellence - a culture centered on Care, Kindness and Credentials. "We have to be at the top of each of these pillars" says Newman. "Each one receiving equal emphasis - to deliver on our 360 standards and to be a sustainable business" says Newman.

360 is making plans to deliver on these priorities for the rest of this year and beyond! - upholding what has been at the center of their success from the beginning. 360's success, achieving their culture of Care, Kindness and Credentials means better outcomes for those that need it the most.


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