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Isolation Transports for COVID-19


In order to protect our passengers who have not been exposed to Covid-19, 360 is dedicating specific vehicles exclusively to transporting patients who have, or may have, been exposed. 

Driven by a Certified EMT or Paramedic, our dedicated Isolation Vehicles have been specially modified: the driver cockpit has been separated from the main passenger cabin; all upholstery and carpeting has been covered in plastic so the vehicle can be cleaned after every transport; we’ve installed a Plexiglas divider to separate our wheelchair and other equipment from the patient; our drivers wear full-length PPE; and, using three different strengths of hospital and industrial grade disinfectants, we sanitize the vehicle and our equipment between every transport, we deep clean at the end of every shift, and we re-enforce a durable, invisible 30-day anti-microbial barrier on all interior and PPE surfaces two times each week. 

By providing safe, dedicated drivers and vehicles to assist those who have been exposed, we are also able to clearly differentiate our services to better protect those passengers, drivers and facilities who have not been exposed.

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