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Medical Transportation for Individuals and Families

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Individual and Family

A reliable, timely, friendly and professional specialty transport service that takes the worry out of providing for your family needs.

We are more than just a transport company.  We are an extension of your health care provider team.  Unlike traditional taxis, ambulances and multi-passenger transport services, 360 offers a cost-effective solution for patients needing reliable and quality transportation to their medical and other personal and family appointments.  And our vast local referral and resource network can assist you with all your medical and family needs.  If wheelchair, ambulatory or stretcher transportation is new to you, call 360 to help coordinate all your medical needs.  And if you've used other services before, call 360 to experience the outstanding service, comfort and care that makes us so much different than every other provider.   

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Why Choose 360™ Care + Transport?

Independence and Freedom

360 provides post-hospital or post-skilled care patients with the independence and freedom to rehabilitate from the comfort of their own home

Age in Place

If your loved one chooses to remain at home, a reliable alternative transportation service is essential.  Avoid the risk and danger of transferring from a wheelchair to and from the front seat of a car.  360 will help you settle into your wheelchair inside your home, escort you to our van, and secure you quickly, easily and safely.  A 360 transport takes all of the risk out of mobility challenged transportation.

Security and Safety

You or your family members are the reason we are are in business, so along with providing care and comfort, our goal is to also provide the safest and most secure transport available.  Whether you are making plans for physician appointments, dialysis, or other outpatient visits, your transport is just a phone call away.  And after your Doctor’s appointment, we won’t keep you waiting for your return ride.  Our highly trained dispatching staff monitor our patient’s appointments to make sure their return ride is available whenever they are finished. The average wait time for a return ride with 360 is under 15 minutes. 

Quality of Life

We're more than just a medical service provider. At 360, we also help you make arrangements and provide transports to church, weddings, funerals, family gatherings, sporting events, theatre, dinners, and other family events or appointments.  Providing your wheelchair bound loved one with the freedom and independence to participate in memorable family and other events enables a quality of life that truly helps patients thrive.

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