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Medical Offices, Surgery Centers & ACO's

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360 enjoys a 99% on-time medical appointment arrival time.


Our live dispatching team can alter our schedule “on the fly” to accommodate patients who may require additional tests or otherwise need their return pick-up times to be delayed. 


And unlike any other local transport company, 360 schedules a precise return pick-up time so you can be assured exactly what time our driver will pick up your patients. 


For post-surgery patient pick-ups, 360 will call your office to determine a post-recovery pick-up time and your patient doesn’t have to rely on busy family members spending a day at your office. 

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accouAn accountable care organization is a healthcare organization that ties provider reimbursements to quality metrics and reductions in the cost of care.ntable-care-organization2.png

360 drivers are also authorized to sign off on medical office responsibility paperwork before leaving your facility.


And 360’s unique ACO patient program advocates on behalf of physician groups by guaranteeing a safe transition home, mitigating the risk of costly second surgeries, reducing re-admission risks, providing transport to follow up appointments, and improving overall health outcomes.     

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