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Facilities, Communities and Medical Appointments

Flexibility To Handle Difficult Assignments

We recognize that our drivers are an extension of our client's facility when you select us to provide transport services for New Admissions or current residents.  You see, 360 drivers are not just transporters - because most of them have previously worked in healthcare and other patient care environments, your passengers are always well cared for "in transit" to their next level of care.

Since our drivers include EMTs and Paramedics, 360 has the ability to serve patients that other transport providers may not be qualified to serve.  In ​addition to transporting mobility-impaired passengers (wheelchair and stretcher) with medical complications, we can also safely transport patients requiring extra attention including: 

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  • oxygen-dependent

  • bariatric; 360™ can accommodate passengers up to 450 lbs.

  • some "other" existing medical issues - tracheotomies, wound vacs, etc.  

  • infections and/or viruses that require contact precautions to protect the patient and the driver

  • dementia/Alzheimer's


360's highly trained dispatchers and booking agents will ask about these and other concerns when scheduling the transport, then they will match the appropriate van and staff accordingly.

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Fast, Efficient Hospital / Facility Discharges and Admissions

360's dispatching team is dedicated to monitoring and managing the movement of our large vehicle fleet throughout the day so "last minute" discharges and new admissions are our specialty! Working closely with case managers, social workers, and admissions staff across the region, our consistent on-time pick-ups, and 1-2 hour turnaround times make us the region's "go-to" specialty transport provider.   

Value Added Resources To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Transportation Program

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  • Transportation Cost Audit and Analysis 

  • How to Build a Transportation "Profit" Center

  • Supplemental Resource for Your own Vehicles and Drivers

  • Emergency Preparedness Resource

  • Peace Of Mind

  • Additional Patient Centered Services

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